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Management Information Systems (MIS)

Development Pathways combines in-depth knowledge of Social Protection and cutting edge experience of agile Software Development approaches.  Blended together, the two disciplines – Social Protection and MIS - have enabled Development Pathways to build a track record of delivering the Social Protection Management Information Systems solutions through the continuum of the traditional software life cycle.  Our spectrum of MIS solution offerings include:

Feasibility Studies on establishment of large scale electronic Management Information Systems or “Single Registries”

We work with clients to scope and provide strategic level advice on the choices of the MIS, their benefits, what it can do and what it cannot do and the cost benefit analysis.  Development Pathways has provided advice to a number of government entities that needed to budget for the costs of design and development in Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana. Development Pathways has been providing technical assistance to the Kenyan Government and WFP for the Kenyan National Safety Net Programme - "The Complementarity Initiative".

Design of Social Protection Management Information Systems

The need for clear specifications build on the programme or schemes’ requirements cannot be overemphasised. Development Pathways provides consultancy in analysis of the requirements and recommendation of technology and design choices for the different contexts. We have designed Management Information System in Uganda, Liberia and Zimbabwe.

Development and Implementation of Management Information Systems.

Based on design specifications, Development Pathways uses agile software development methodologies to deliver the Management Information Systems on cost. What sets us apart from other organisations is that we a strong proponent of “Open Source” technologies and deliver both the MIS software solution together with the source codes.  We have built large integrated MIS’s in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Liberia.

Large Scale Management Information System Reviews and Studies.

Development Pathways has undertakes large scale MIS reviews with a view to strengthening them. Our lead MIS specialist has undertaken reviews on behalf of World Bank in Seychelles, Pakistan and Mauritius. We also undertake research on topical issues on Social Protection MIS’s e.g. “Single Registry”, “Unified Databases” and “One Registry”. A recent example is “Good Practice Paper on Design and Development of Management Information System”, published by Help Age International.