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The Development Pathways team have core expertise in designing and implementing large scale research programmes. We have led mixed method, multi-country evaluations for financial inclusion and economic empowerment programmes, longitudinal analysis for social protection programmes, process evaluations and operational research, and long-term anthropological studies of programme beneficiaries. We are also highly skilled in creating analytical frameworks.

At Development Pathways, we are committed to research that is credible, robust, and nuanced. We aim to produce fine-grained analyses of poverty, vulnerability and exclusion, as well as provide pragmatic recommendations and solutions.

Our own research interests include extreme poverty, gender equality and social inclusion, social capital, social norms, adolescent girls, progressive taxation, agency and self-efficacy, social capital and old age pensions, and life histories. 

Please visit the Pathways Resource Centre to view academic publications, research outputs, as well as the cutting edge Pathways' Perspectives, our in-house research publication that challenges conventional development norms and practices.