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Social Protection

In recent years, social protection has become recognised as a core driver of poverty reduction, greater equity and economic growth in developing countries. Development Pathways promotes a strongly evidence-based, innovative, pragmatic and politically sensitive approach to social protection.

Our team – and our growing group of associate consultants – brings together many years of experience of working on social protection across Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Pacific and Eastern Europe. We have experience in a wide range of areas including: the design of social transfer schemes; analysis and research on issues such as targeting, conditions, gender and the political economy of social protection; the development of national social protection strategies; public expenditure reviews; micro-simulations to examine the impacts and coverage of different social protection programmes; and, the design and installation of management information systems (including the open-source software for the Kenya Hunger Safety Net and Uganda SAGE programmes).

The Pathways team has significant experience of training on social protection. We are also building a track record in publications that challenge conventional thinking in social protection and promote innovative approaches. Publications include those on targeting - including a well-received critical assessment of the proxy means test methodology – conditional cash transfers, pensions, gender and social protection, child-sensitive social protection,  and management information systems.