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Development Pathways has strong core capacity in training on social protection and social development. On social protection, our training experience has been broad, but with a particular focus on social transfers and social security.

The Development Pathways team have taught on the following areas:

  • Impacts of social protection
  • Political economy
  • Social protection and economic growth
  • Social pensions
  • Gender and social protection
  • Economic analysis and micro-simulation
  • Design of social protection schemes
  • MIS and payment systems
  • Targeting
  • Conditionality
  • Development of national Social Protection systems 

We have provided trainers for the “Design and Implementation of Social Transfer programmes” which is held annually in Thailand, and are increasingly delivering our own training courses. For example, we have delivered a one- week training course to senior government and civil society participants on behalf of the Uganda Expanding Social Protection Programme, and we are currently working with UNICEF to build the capacity of key government and civil society stakeholders in Uzbekistan as part of a programme to develop stronger safety nets for families with children. We also regularly participate as speakers in international conferences.

We also have core capacity in developing and delivering training on gender and social analysis, and qualitative (including participatory) field methods. Recent research in Rwanda, for example, involved training a team of 15 local researchers in how to conduct enumeration interviews, focus groups, semi-structured interviews, and a range of participatory methodologies to be used with adolescent girls and boys.

Our team has also delivered training on poverty analysis, logical frameworks, and theories of change.