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Social protection "vital to ensure that no person with a disability is left behind"

Recommendations on how nations can include everybody, including persons with a disability, in their social and ecomomic development strategies have been set out after the UK's DFID vowed to prioritise the issue.

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Workshop held on when citizen involvement helps improve social protection delivery

Development Pathways, Age International and HelpAge International will next week hold a seminar to discuss the findings of research on when and how social accountability initiatives can contribute to better delivery of social protection programmes.


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Married at 75: how pensions influence more than a person's income

Today Development Pathways marks Valentine's Day with a blog from our Senior Social Policy Specialist Alexandra Barrantes, who, writing for Age International, highlights how the Senior Citizens' Grant was a positive turning point for a couple.

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Free course for global development practitioners on including persons with a disability

A free online course launches to allow global development practitioners to give the 1bn persons with a disability access to essential services. 

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