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Universal social protection: Latin America Webinar

On Thursday 10th March 2016 at 2pm-3pm (GMT), socialprotection.org will be hosting a webinar to celebrate 6 months of socialprotection.org. The webinar is entitled: Towards universal social protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools. Speakers will include Simone Cecchini (Social Affairs Officer, Social Development Division, ECLAC) and Sergei Soares (Senior Researcher, Ipea). 

The webinar will explore the content of the book, of the same name, published by ECLAC. The book details and debates ECLAC’s view on social protection, discussing the policy tools and programmes pursued in Latin America, using a rights-based approach. It also addresses the expanding social protection coverage in the region, with a view of achieving universal coverage. 

Register for the Webinar here .