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#UNRISDSeminar: The Graduation Approach to Social Protection 27.06.2016

We are pleased to participate in a UNRISD Seminar on Monday 27th June 2016 2pm-4pm (BST). The UNRISD Seminar will examine whether graduation, in the context of social protection schemes, is a viable way to help people move out of extreme poverty and develop productive, resilient and sustainable livelihoods, thus supporting states in meeting their obligations to rights holders.

In the context of social protection schemes, there are generally two forms of "graduation": threshold graduation and sustainable graduation. Threshold graduation simply requires beneficiaries to reach a certain age or participate in a programme for a certain period of time, for example. Sustainable graduation, on the other hand, occurs when beneficiaries reach a previously established level of welfare and a certain level of resilience against shocks.

At this event, panellists will discuss:

  • whether or not graduation is compatible with a human rights-based approach to social protection;
  • different contexts in which it is applicable, such as climate-change adapted contexts; and
  • how it can be adapted to meet the needs of different groups, such as refugees and other displaced persons.

Our Senior Social Policy Specialist, Stephen Kidd will be on the panel. Other panellist include:

Ewen Macleod, Head, Policy Development and Evaluation Service, UNHCR

Lauren Whitehead, Program Manager, Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative, BRAC USA

We will be tweeting key messages live from the seminar and UNRISD welcomes your comments and questions, which may be able to put directly to the speaker. Follow us and @UNRISD and use the hashtags #UNRISDseminar on Monday!

Find out more on UNRISD, register for the seminar here .