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Poverty Targeting | PUSKAPA's Learning Series, 25.08.2016

Indonesia's expansion of social Protection is a policy towards poverty reduction(including child poverty) as contained in the Plan National Medium-Term Development (RPJMN) 2015-2019. Various programmes have been carried out by targeting the poorest 40% of society, including children and adults. 

At PUSKAPA's Learning Series, will discuss which social protection scheme is more effective: poverty targeting or universal social protection? at the Centre on Child Protection, University of Indonesia. 

Stephen will take a look at evidence and arguments for inclusive social protection systems that guarantees coverage for children, the elderly, and  disabilitied persons, and to effectively reduce poverty and foster equality. 

Rudy S. Prawiradinata, Advisor to the Minister of Planning / National Development Planning Agency of Social Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, will discuss these arguments from a policy-making perspective.


Thursday 25th August 2016 

2-4pm (Jakarta, Indonesia) / 8-10am (London, UK)