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Child protection: one year on from global partnership launch, attention turns to action

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children is marking its first anniversary with a vow to turn commitments into action.

Susan Bissell, director of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, writing in Devex.com, said the first year in ending violence against one billion children has been about laying the groundwork by building political will and engaging countries to take action.

She said: "A year in, we must take stock of whether the goals we set are realistic and partners have embraced the partnership and new Sustainable Development Goals, which make an explicit commitment to ending violence against children in all forms. Are partners moving from words to action?"

"We want to marry words with deeds," she adds, saying she is pleased with the response to the Partnership's request for governments to be pathfinders, by crafting road maps based on evidence, develop action plans using effective violence prevention strategies, create budgets for those programs, and adopt an 'all of government' approach to the safety and security of children.

"One year in, 14 countries have committed to this effort, and an additional 10 countries are in the process of committing. This demonstrates a high level of political will from many world leaders and sets an example for others to follow... Violence is preventable, and with political leadership and cross-sector collaboration at all levels, concrete and effective action is possible.

"In Mexico, Indonesia, Romania, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Sweden and other countries, governments, civil society and the private sector are making things happen. We can be hopeful for more peaceful childhoods by the year’s ahead."

Development Pathways is pleased with the progress on advancing the rights and needs of the world's children, and to have contributed to the work undertaken by the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of Indonesia as they accelerate action on this agenda.

The full article is available here.