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Economic impacts of Uganda's Senior Citizen Grant highlighted

Significant rates of return for Uganda's Senior Citizen Grant are shown in a new paper presented at a workshop in Kampala yesterday.

The paper provides an assessment of the potential short and mid term effects in Uganda in terms of child health, educational attainment, and the monetary returns of these indirect programme effects. The paper, the result of a collaboration between researchers from Maastricht University, Manchester University and Makere University and Uganda's Expanding Social Protection Programme, uses micro-simulation to examine how introducing the pilot intervention nationally could affect human capital indicators and income growth.

It was highlighted at the workshop that the impact could be even greater than those suggested by the paper, if a different assumption on consumption was made.

Development Pathways, which is part of a consortium supporting the Government of Uganda in the implementation of the ESP, will provide our reflections on the latest evidence on the impact of inclusive social protection provided in the paper in a forthcoming blog.

Read more: ‘Social protection investments, human capital, and income growth: Simulating the returns to social cash transfers in Uganda’