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Building Inclusive Social Protection Systems for Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities

Globally, over one billion people live with a disability. More than seven in ten are not supported by social protection programmes. Yet access to social protection is a basic right for all people.

DFID asked us in 2016 to undertake research which seeks to examine how social protection systems and schemes can be made more inclusive of persons with disabilities.

Research to date on access to social protection for persons with disabilities has mainly focused on disability-specific programming. Our research aims to include persons with disabilities in the broader research on social protection, examining both disability-specific as well as mainstream schemes. We are bringing together evidence through extensive analysis of existing datasets in a comprehensive overview report, as well as a literature review and eight reports on country case studies.

Evidence across the world indicates that the most effective means of including persons with disability in social protection is though adequate investment in social protection systems across the lifecycle. This includes disability-specific schemes, as well as old age pensions and mainstream schemes. When designed well, social protection systems can empower persons with disabilities.

Our research will allow DFID to provide guidance on how social protection systems and schemes can be designed to be more disability-inclusive, facilitating equality of outcomes and opportunities, while enabling their full participation in society. Our research will provide guidance to policy-makers on how social protection systems and schemes can be designed to be more disability inclusive.

UPDATE: Overview report to be launched on 8th April 2019 at an event supported by UNPRDP (UN Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) in Geneva on inclusive social protection for persons with disabilities.