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Adolescent Economic Empowerment Opportunities

Location: Rwanda

Funder: Nike Foundation

Client / Partners: Nike Foundation  

Project Details: Dr Rebecca Calder lead a team of twenty researchers whom together are implementing a review of adolescent girl’s economic situations including the barriers and opportunities they face in Rwanda. Development Pathways are simultaneously implementing a qualitative and quantitative research methodology across 10 districts in Rwanda with both a focus on the girls (10 – 19 year old girls in Rwanda inclusive of in and out of school) and also other key stakeholders such as parents and other family members; government and non-government agencies; community members; schools and private sector bodies. Based upon analysis of our key findings, we developed recommendations and options for girls’ innovative economic empowerment interventions (both at a program and policy level) in order to address the barriers in Rwanda. The results of this research will inform the design of a program entitled Girls Thrive, which intends to create livelihood opportunities for girls, prepare girls for current and future economic opportunities and enable them to take advantage of these opportunities in the present and in the future.