Adolescent Girls and Education: Challenges, Evidence and Gaps: Pathways’ Perspectives #13

In our 13th Perspective, Rebecca Calder and Karishma Huda of Development Pathways discuss the importance of education for adolescent girls. There has been considerable recent interest in better understanding adolescent girls’ lives. Education is seen as one of their main pathways out of poverty, but it is often the very thing denied to them. The authors present the six main constraints to adolescent girls’ educational attainment. They also explore the main moral and instrumentalist arguments for education and the interventions that have been used to increase girls’ opportunities.


While Development Pathways may not necessarily agree with the views of the authors, we believe it is important to give people space to express their opinions.

About the Authors

Rebecca Calder is a great believer in girl power, and has had enormous fun writing a paper with her friend Karishma

Karishma Huda has ‘graduated’ from writing about Graduation programmes, and has moved onto writing about adolescent girls. She thanks her friend Rebecca for introducing her to the world of girl power

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