The Ages of Man: Shakespeare and social protection through the life-course: Pathways’ Perspective #15

In our 15th Perspective, Nicholas Freeland uses Shakespeare’s depiction of the seven ages of man to explore the vulnerabilities at each stage of the life-course. He proposes that an inclusive approach to social protection – in which schemes are oriented to addressing risks across the life-cycle – is more suited to addressing such nuances, rather than the neoliberal Conditionista ideology focusing on ‘poor relief’.


While Development Pathways may not necessarily agree with the views of the authors, we believe it is important to give people space to express their opinions.

About the Author

Nicholas Freeland is a Social Security practitioner. He read English (and therefore lots and lots of Shakespeare) for Part I of his University degree. As he has moved through his own life course, he is at last understanding the Bard’s messages better, and this famous monologue has assumed greater relevance.


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