Kenya’s Social Protection Secretariat highlights evidence for a new child benefit

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Kenya’s Social Protection Secretariat has highlighted new evidence showing the need for a child benefit for Kenyan children.

Cecilia Mbaka, Head of the Social Protection Secretariat, pointed to new evidence outlining that more than half of Kenyan children living below the poverty line, but most are excluded from social protection. She made the comments as she helped to launch ...

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Report launches on how citizen engagement strengthens social protection

The final report of our research into how and when social accountability initiatives to hold social protection officials to account through citizen engagement work is formally launched at a workshop with funders DFID and Age International today.

At the launch, Tamsin Ayliffe, Social Protection Consultant and Team Leader of the research project, will present key findings of the research, while Salum Rashid Mohamed, Head of the ...

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Citizen action can help improve social protection programmes, finds review

We find some evidence of positive effects of social audits in India.

Social accountability initiatives, such as spending audits that involve citizens, can help tackle corruption and improve social protection programmes, a review of the evidence has found.

The evidence on social accountability tools for social protection, which also include grievance mechanisms and committees of beneficiaries, is so far very limited. Development Pathways has carried out research with support from DfID to start filling the knowledge ...

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How can a social pension underpin an economic development strategy?

Fresh evidence on the impact of social pensions on local economies is contained in a new report published by the Government of Uganda this week. The report is published ahead of a London event on Making the Case for Social Protection with Ugandan MPs.

The report, published by the Ministry ...

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International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: what works?

Uganda cover

On the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, people are asking: can we end poverty? There is evidence that by investing a fraction of developing countries’ GDP in inclusive social protection, we can.

Inclusive lifecycle social security: an option for Uganda? considers the feasibility and likely effects of introducing a comprehensive social protection system in the country. The report for the Government of Uganda concludes that by investing ...

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Indonesia signals more universal child grants and action on violence following ground-breaking report

The Government of Indonesia has set out the situation for its 84 million children in order to establish a starting point for tracking action on the Sustainable Development Goals related to children.

The Government and Unicef SDG Baseline Report on Children in Indonesia, (available right), provides a snapshot of where the country’s children stand at the start of the period up to 2030, when the goals are ...

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The Political Economy of Social Protection in Asia

ADB Book Cover

The Asian Development Bank has just released a new book examining social protection for informal workers in Asia. We recommend you read Chapter 3, written by Stephen Kidd and Verena Damerau, which addresses the topic of the political economy of social protection in Asia. in it, they explore the ...

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Exclusion by Design: the Proxy Means Test

Exclusion by design
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In recent years, the proxy means test (PMT) has become the predominant targeting mechanism for social assistance schemes in developing countries. It has many powerful advocates and claims that it ‘can accurately and cost-effectively target the chronic poor’ are common. Yet, these claims are not reflected in the evidence nor in the experience of many communities where the PMT ...

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Progress and disparities among children in South Africa

Global goals for every child

Development Pathways is proud to share a new report titled “Global goals for every child: Progress and disparities among children in South Africa”. The report is one of the first to use the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations to chart progress and to highlight critical challenges that directly affect the lives of children. It was published by the ...

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Uganda’s Senior Citizen’s Grant: A success story from the heart of Africa


Development Pathways is pleased to share the paper  ‘Uganda’s Senior Citizen’s Grant: A success story from the heart of Africa‘ by Stephen Kidd.

In this paper Development Pathways’ Stephen Kidd discusses the success of Uganda’s Senior Citizens’ Grant (SCG), with evidence from the evaluation of the programme. The SCG, a Government of Uganda collaboration with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and Irish Aid, ...

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Social Assistance in Vietnam: Review and Proposals for Reform 

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In recent decades, Vietnam’s social protection system has grown, but remains imbalanced, with most benefits continuing to reach the better-off, rather than the majority of the population. Therefore, we are pleased to share Social Assistance in Vietnam: Review and Proposals for Reform which provides an overview of Vietnam’s national social protection system. It was prepared by ...

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Social exclusion and access to social protection schemes

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We’re pleased to share an important new paper by Stephen Kidd, examining the links between social exclusion and access to social protection. The paper is an essential read for those seeking to develop more inclusive social protection policies and schemes and has been funded and published by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Based on a wide range of international evidence, it ...

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Child Well-being and Social Security in Georgia: The Case for Moving to a More Inclusive National Social Security System

Untitled design

Development Pathways is pleased to share a new report, “Child Wellbeing and Social Security in Georgia: The Case for Moving to a More Inclusive National Social Security System”, published by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and authored by Stephen Kidd and Bjorn Gelders.

The report presents innovative new analysis on income dynamics and movements into and out of poverty using data from a representative panel survey that tracked the same households over ...

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Child-Sensitive Social Protection in Fiji: Assessment of the Care and Protection Allowance

Screenshot 2015-08-05 10.02.14

Development Pathways is pleased to share a new publication, ‘Child-sensitive Social Protection in Fiji: Assessment of the Care and Protection Allowance’, launched today in the presence of the Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Hon. Rosy Akbar, UNICEF Pacific Representative, Dr. Karen Allen, and other high-ranking government officials and development partners. It is the first ...

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Establishing Comprehensive National Old Age Pension Systems

Screenshot 2015-07-23 10.02.20

Development Pathways is pleased to share a new publication, ‘Establishing Comprehensive National Old Age Pension Systems”.  KfW Development Bank commissioned Stephen Kidd through Development Pathways for this paper which describes and explains the policy options available to developing countries committed to offering universal pension coverage and maximising the incomes of older people. Because the absence of pensions causes significant challenges ...

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The design and management of cash transfer programmes: an overview

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Development Pathways is pleased to share a new publication, ‘The design and management of cash transfer programmes: an overview’.  KfW Development Bank commissioned Stephen Barrett and Stephen Kidd through Development Pathways for this paper. This paper describes and explains the operations of cash transfer schemes, outlining good practice in the design processes required to operationalize policy-level design principles. It describes the four key components comprising ...

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Single registries and integrated MISs: De-mystifying data and information management concepts

Development Pathways is pleased to share the paper, ‘Single registries and integrated MISs: De-mystifying data and information management concepts’.  The paper was authored by Richard Chirchir, of Development Pathways, and Valentina Barca, of OPM, as part of the wider research commissioned by Australia’s Department of Foreign Aid and Trade on Single Registries and Unified  Databases. 

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Social Protection: An Effective and Sustainable Investment in Developing Countries

KfW Development Research - Studies and Proceedings

KfW has published a paper, authored by Development Pathways’  Stephen Kidd, titled ‘Social Protection: an effective and sustainable investment in developing countries’. In recent years, social protection has increasingly played a key role in the social and economic policy of developing countries. The paper details some of the impacts of tax-financed social protection schemes ...

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Good Practice in the Development of Management Information Systems for Social Protection


In recent years, social protection has moved rapidly up the policy agenda in developing countries. Debates on the design of social protection schemes, however, are often dominated by ideological discussions, such as whether to introduce conditions. Less attention is given to implementation challenges and the demands placed on countries’ administrative systems.

Management information systems (MISs) are core to the design of social protection ...

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Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes – Their Relevance For Nepal


Compared to countries with a similar level of economic development, Nepal is doing very well in terms of its commitment to social protection. Programmes such as the Senior Citizens’ Allowance, Single Women’s Allowance, Disability Allowance and the recently introduced Child Protection Grant have the potential to transform lives across Nepal as well as support economic growth.

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