In cherished memory of Krystle Kabare

This page is a celebration of the life and work of Krystle Kabare, a very popular member of staff absolutely committed to building an effective and comprehensive social protection system in Kenya, who passed away on the 28th September.

It is a place to share memories of Krystle, and we welcome your contributions. Below are some of our fondest memories which we will cherish – clicking on the photos reveals more. To continue her good work, we will establish a memorial fund for Krystle to support small initiatives for the most vulnerable, which is something she had wanted to set up. If you would like to share your own memories or to contribute to her memorial fund, please get in touch – scroll down to use the contact form below.

While the poverty rate for children in Georgia is 22%, almost 70% of children spent some time in poverty over a period of 4 years.-2

By Carol Watson


Krystle was a great colleague – tenacious, curious, cooperative – with a promising and exciting career ahead of her. But more than that, Krystle was a wonderful person. She filled the room with energy and joy. Being around her I often felt that I had been invited into the middle of some kind of fabulous, exciting adventure. She was vivacious and playful, but also thoughtful and kind. She was a deeply connected person with a huge heart and a sincere and infectious smile. Juliet Attenborough

I worked with Krystle during a number of visits to Kenya. She was always patient, always looked after me, was very bright and as the very touching text on your website says, had a wonderful future ahead of her. One comfort is that Krystle achieved an awful lot in a short time. We have been so privileged to know her and work with her.

Words are limiting and can’t describe this tragedy; extremely difficult to comprehend Krystle is gone. I mourn a great colleague and friend. David Kamau

My heartfelt condolences to Krystie’s family for the loss of a child and Development pathways for the loss of a diligent and committed worker. We shall surely miss Krystie… May the almighty rest her soul in eternal peace.

Young with a promising career – truly a sad loss for the family, friends and entire Social Protection fraternity. Will miss you, rest in peace. Helen Magutu Amakobe

Krystle was a hard worker, supportive and very respectful. May her soul rest in peace.

This is heartbreaking. A young beautiful soul gone too soon. In God’s hands you rest. Fly with the angels. Bosibori O’Momanyi

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  1. Krystle, you would come to ESP in Uganda and make things easy around you. Your warm personality paved way for you to achieve your goals and objectives for the day. Your smiles so captivating that one who is moody will smile back and be at peace. Your dimple was cute and deep with affection for people around you. That was the unique feature you had I would say. I love the questions you presented to me about Karamoja districts and the uniqueness of implementation of the SCG in that complex area. We had planned to go to Karamoja and get to Kidepo after passing my district of Abim to see the Rock English men refer to as the Sugar Lump but in my local language it is called ‘Kidi Rwoth’ which means the King of the Rocks. Unfortunately death left a heartache that no one can heal, and your love left a memory no one can steal. Rest in peace and let your shining personality be reflected on the green grass that will grow around your grave.

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