Disability Benefits Scheme Database


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The Disability Benefit Database is our attempt to provide comprehensive information on disability benefits in low and middle income countries. The database is almost certainly not entirely complete and we are certain that there are other schemes that we have missed. In some cases, the information is incomplete and, although we have tried our best to eliminate errors, we are sure that there are a few. We would, therefore, appreciate receiving any additional information on schemes or corrections.

The database focuses mainly on tax-financed disability benefits, but we have included some examples of social insurance schemes. We hope to increase the number of examples of social insurance schemes as we continue to update the databse.

We have also only included schemes that are directed specifically at people with disabilities. There are a number of other social protection schemes that provide support to a range of categories of which persons wtih disability are one. These schemes have not been included.

Please send any further information on disability benefits to skidd@developmentpathways.co.uk.

Update 15/01/2014
Some calculations have been corrected. Value of transfer annually: % of GDP per capita is now based on the local currency

Update 09/01/2014
The database now includes schemes for China, Thailand, Mongolia and the Philippines and the format has been tweaked.