Economic Impacts of a Universal Pension in Bangladesh: Pathways’ Perspective #17

Dr. Bazlul Khondker is an economist, specialising in econometric modelling and social security. In this perspective, he looks at the economic impacts of a universal pension in Bangladesh. Through his modelling, he demonstrates that investing in a universal pension has similar economic impacts to those of investing in infrastructure and capital goods. Further, the distribution of economic benefits of a universal pension appear to be pro-poor and pro-rural.


While Development Pathways may not necessarily agree with the views of the authors, we believe it is important to give people space to express their opinions.

About the Author

Dr. Bazlul Khondker is an economist, and an aficionado of complex economic modelling and social security: in this study, he’s found a way to combine both and hopes that the results will contribute to the debate on the links between social security and economic growth.

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