Rethinking “Targeting” in International Development: Pathways’ Perspective #11

Senior Social Policy Specialist at Development Pathways, Stephen Kidd, examines the hot topic of ‘targeting’ and its role in the field of social security.

#11 of our inhouse publication discusses whether ‘targeting’ is an appropriate term to use in discussions on social policy. With fervent advocates on different sides of the debate, Stephen argues that the debates on targeting are essentially ideological, and we need to rethink the way in which we approach the issue.


While Development Pathways may not necessarily agree with the views of the authors, we believe it is important to give people space to express their opinions.

About the Author

Dr. Stephen Kidd is a Senior Social Policy Specialist at Development Pathways: he wonders whether advocates of targeting conceive of universal access as some form of blanket bombing.

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