Single Registries and Social Registries: Clarifying the Terminological Confusion


Development Pathways is pleased to share our latest Pathways’ Perspective: ‘Single Registries and Social Registries: Clarifying the Terminological Confusion‘ by Richard Chirchir and Shez Farooq.

Richard Chirchir and Shez Farooq latest Pathways’ Perspective seeks to clarify two key terms – Single Registry and Social Registry. Single Registries and Social Registries are potential elements of an integrated system for information management within social protection sector.

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Richard Chirchir is the Senior MIS Specialist with Development Pathways. He is recognised as a leading social protection MIS expert with over 14 years of relevant professional experience. Richard has designed and provided advice on MIS development for social protection schemes across Africa and Asia.

Follow Richard on Twitter: @kchirchir

Shez Farooq is a Senior MIS Specialist at Development Pathways with over 16 years of experience. Most recently, Shez has been supporting the Governments of Malawi, Rwanda and Laos by applying innovative and best practice design to transform the user interface and experience for information management solutions for social protection.

Follow Shez on Twitter: @ShezFarooq

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