Social protection is for everybody: Ugandan push for Senior Citizens’ Grant

“Social protection is for all us… any one of us can slip into vulnerability.”

Hon. Flavia Kabahenda Rwabuhoro set out the case on Ugandan national television this week for the Government of Uganda and DFID to continue to support the programme to introduce the Senior Citizens’ Grant for older persons. Hon. Rwabuhoro said in an interview on NBS that the programme had wide support by the public and was necessary to Uganda achieving necessary progress under 14 Sustainable Development Goals.

And she added that the programme had been successfully introduced and managed over eight years, with popular support and without scandal, and represented “best practice in how to deal with donor-supported programmes”.

The intervention came after Ugandan MPs visited London in November to underline the extent of national support for the Expanding Social Protection programme, in which Hon. Rwabuhoro said that a large number of MPs lost their seats because they had not secured the introduction of the Senior Citizens’ Grant for their voters.

Uganda’s Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development and the ESP programme also published a report on a review of evidence on how social pensions help expand local economies, pointing to how transfers generate multipliers of between 1.3 and 2.4 for the cash entering communities”.

The evidence of traders from other areas travelling to SCG communities to sell their goods, for example, in Kisojo in Kyenjojo, traders travelled from the neighbouring district of Mubende. The increased competition “may be the reason why there is no evidence of the SCG leading to a rise in inflation”.

You can watch the interview, which was broadcast the night of 12th February, and which also features Stephen Kasaija, Head of the Expanding Social Protection programme above. And read more about the impacts of the Senior Citizens’ Grant in the  report from the Ministry and the ESP programme by clicking here.



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