Inclusive benefits for Kenya’s deaf community

In part 2 of the blog series on social protection for persons with disabilities in Kenya, Dennis zeroes in on the importance of access to healthcare and social services to strengthen the deaf community in Kenya, while also advocating for an inclusive social protection programme with strong disability benefits that span the lifecycle.


Echoes of empowerment: Fostering social protection for the deaf in Kenya

Dennis Mugambi Njue, a Master's student at the University of Nairobi, writes about the challenges faced by the deaf community in Kenya and highlights the potential of social policies and inclusive disability benefits.


Turning the key to universal social security: affordability unlocked

For years we have been told that, while universal social security is a worthy ambition, it is largely unattainable in low- and middle-income countries. Our latest paper dispels this myth, showing that countries at all income levels can achieve universal social security if they have political commitment.


9 reasons why Uzbekistan’s Social Protection Single Registry digital transformation journey is unique

Richard Chirchir, Principal Digital Technology Specialist, offers some key learning from his experience working with the Government of Uzbekistan and UNICEF on the country’s Social Protection Single Registry.


Time to care: gender transformative social security for a Caring Economy 

The unequal responsibility for unpaid care work is one of the main reasons why many women struggle to access paid employment outside the home.


How software can support governments to reduce discrimination against women when it comes to employment

Wanza Mwathani is a digital technology specialist at Development Pathways. This International Women's Day, she shares how our team worked with Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Finance and UNICEF to design and develop a maternity benefit module in the Social Protection Single Registry.