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By Dominic Richardson, David Harris, Shea McClanahan and Ian Orton Imagining a post-post Washington Consensus – child benefits in the US offer hope for bolder action for children around the world As part of recent COVID-19-related legislation, the US Government has committed to provide a quasi-universal child benefit (an affluence-tested...



Why we need to prioritise universal pensions for women

On International Women’s Day 2021, let’s think about pensions. Why? Women around the world still face highly unequal access to a minimum income in old age.


More than just cash: an innovative child grant in Papua province

Given the need to address child development issues and to improve the coverage of social protection programmes across Papua, the Provincial Government of Papua (PGP) responded by launching BANGGA Papua, a child grant for all indigenous Papuan children from birth until their 4th birthday.


COVID-19 and social insurance responses in Latin America

This blog post is based on a partnership between the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean of UNICEF and the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) who have been working on the analysis of the social protection responses and COVID-19, with particular focus on social assistance, school feeding programmes, social insurance and labour market, migration and digitalisation of the implementation of the responses.


The vaccine against poverty, inequality and insecurity needs a stronger prescription

The COVID crisis is an opportunity to make the recognition of the role of social protection more permanent, and there is an almost unique opportunity to achieve this.


Calling Marcus Rashford: universal child benefits need you!

Last week, the United Kingdom’s social protection system took yet another big step back towards the 19th Century. The news broke that, during the current COVID-19 lockdown, when schools are closed to most pupils, the Government is providing schoolchildren living in poverty with food handouts, rather than offering their families cash. To make a bad situation worse, the food on offer is of limited nutritional quality while the main beneficiary of the scheme has been the business that was contracted by the Government...


10 lessons learnt in 10 years…

This collaborative blog, was written to celebrate Development Pathways' 10th anniversary. It combines the shared lessons learnt from some of our team members.


The social contract and the role of universal social security in building trust in government

A strong social contract is a precious resource in any country. Without it, citizens will be reluctant to pay their taxes resulting in governments being unable to collect the revenues they need to offer good quality public services to their citizens.


How has COVID-19 impacted Sri Lanka, and how could emergency universal lifecycle transfers help?

Development Pathways has been supporting UNICEF Sri Lanka to assess the coverage and effectiveness of existing social protection measures. This analysis serves as a basis for an ex-ante assessment of new policy proposals.


Children on the frontline of the COVID and climate crisis: The urgent need to protect children from poverty with universal child benefits

By Yolande Wright We have many long-acknowledged duties to our children – to provide them with the best possible start in life and the hope for a bright future. In 2019, the World Bank estimated that nearly 60 per cent of children born today will be, at best, only half...