News IconWebinar reflections: Universal Basic Income in the time of COVID-19 and beyond

Anh Tran offers some reflections on a recent webinar: Exploring universal basic income: lessons for COVID-19 response and beyond.

News IconCOVID-19 could set back the fight against poverty by a decade, Oxfam warns

The COVID-19 crisis could push as many as half a billion people back into poverty, claims Oxfam in their new report ‘Dignity Not Destitution’ released last week.

News IconWebinar from the IAFFE reflects on COVID-19 from a feminist economist perspective

Daisy Sibun reflects on observations and opinions made by speakers during a webinar hosted by the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)  titled “Feminist Economics Perspectives on COVID-19″. The COVID-19...

blog iconCOVID-19’s total burden of disease extends beyond those who get sick, and this has potentially deadly consequences for women and girls.

This guest blog was written by Julia Zulver, Tara Patricia Cookson, Lorena Fuentes, Alejandra Vera and Jackeline Alba from Ladysmith.  A team of feminist researchers guided by the principle “no research about us, without us,” they help international organisations collect, analyse and take action on gender data.  Governments around the...

News IconThe IMF show support for Universal Transfers as a temporary tool during COVID-19 crisis 

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing governments and organisations to assess their fiscal strategies in response to the severe economic downturn triggered by the pandemic. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has...

blog iconCOVID-19: are we all in the same boat?

Our blogger, Alexandra Barrantes, is a Senior Social Policy Specialist for Development Pathways.   National debates around social protection and welfare provision have long been permeated by the discourse on deservingness, dividing the scene between high and middle-income earners (the yacht owners and cruise goers) who “contribute” to society through...

News IconPersons with disabilities are being disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis

A new article has been released on the Sustainable Development Goals Knowledge Hub, which details how the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent policies are affecting persons with disabilities in grave ways.

blog icon7 ways technology can help the social protection response to COVID-19

Our blogger, Richard Chirchir, is a Director and Senior Management Information System Specialist for Development Pathways. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages like a wild inferno at a global scale, humanity is neck-deep in responding with every resource, instrument, policy and strategy that is at its disposal. We have all witnessed...

News IconILO urges countries to realise the right to social security to respond to the global COVID-19 crisis 

"Social protection systems are an indispensable part of a coordinated policy response to the unfolding crisis" highlights the Social Protection Spotlight brief released by the International Labour Organization. 

blog iconNow, more than ever, human rights considerations are vital for social protection responses to COVID-19

This blog was originally written for The Global Initiative For Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Read the original blog here. Our blogger, Alexandra Barrantes, is a Senior Social Policy Specialist for Development Pathways. Never has the need for a human rights-based approach to Social Protection been more urgent as in times of COVID-19. This...