News IconGlobal Summit produces commitments to extend social protection coverage for persons with disabilities

25th July: The UK’s Department for International Development has hailed the commitments yielded by the Global Disability Summit to advance the rights of persons with disabilities worldwide. Penny Mordaunt, International...

Publication IconGood Practices and Barriers in the Use of Data for Policy and Advocacy On Ageing in Asia-Pacific

This report provides a wide range of good practice examples where the use of data has had a positive effect on policy and programming and looks at strategies for overcoming barriers to data in policy and practice.

Our Work IconRecommending social accountability improvements for social protection programmes

How can citizens better hold social protection officials to account and understand their entitlements? We carried out research to fill the knowledge gaps.

Our Work IconSustainable Development Goals Baseline Report on Children

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals form a ground-breaking plan to end poverty, promote sustainable development, and ensure prosperity for all of the world’s citizens by 2030. The Government of...

Our Work IconPinpointing refugees’ vulnerability in Uganda and recommending food assistance improvements

Uganda has a long history of hosting refugees from neighbouring countries. Our assignment for WFP involved research to improve the evidence on refugee vulnerability.

Publication IconChildren in Indonesia: An analysis of poverty, mobility and multidimensional deprivation

This Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) report provides estimates of monetary child poverty, poverty dynamics and welfare mobility, and multidimensional child deprivation. It also presents results from a micro-simulation...

Our Work IconProviding a comprehensive picture of child poverty in Indonesia

We supported the Government of Indonesia and UNICEF with a comprehensive analysis of child poverty and well-being in the country.

blog iconCould the Who’s Who Agree on What’s What? Reflections on the Universal Child Grants (*aka* UCB ) Conference

Shea McClanahan Conference organisers can be congratulated for bringing together some of the most influential and up-and-coming thinkers and practitioners in social protection for last week’s International Conference on Universal Child Grants in Geneva. Top minds from international organisations and entities exchanged ideas with key national policymakers, practitioners, consultants and...

Publication IconRealization of the Sustainable Development Goals By, For and With Persons with Disabilities: UN Flagship Report on Disability and Development 2018

The United Nations has released – for the first time ever – a flagship global publication on disability and the sustainable development goals (SDGs). It brings together contributions from more...

blog iconBuilding inclusive social protection systems for persons with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries

Rasmus Schjoedt The WHO estimates that around 15 per cent of the world’s population, or more than 1 billion people, have a disability. Disability-inclusive social protection can play a key role in empowering persons with disabilities by providing a minimum income as well as financial support to address the additional...