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News IconLaunch of new Disability Benefits Database

Development Pathways launch the 2019 edition of our Disability Benefit Database – a unique inventory of tax-financed disability benefits in low- and middle-income countries around the world

News IconHow could the social protection world make more use of data science?

Data.org a Rockefeller Foundation and Mastercard Foundation brainchild was re-launched last week at the World Economic Forum.

News IconWebinar reflections on a “Gender data series”

Anasuya Sengupta offers her thoughts and reflections on a "Gender data series" webinar organised by Devex and Facebook. 

blog iconCOVID-19’s total burden of disease extends beyond those who get sick, and this has potentially deadly consequences for women and girls.

This guest blog was written by Julia Zulver, Tara Patricia Cookson, Lorena Fuentes, Alejandra Vera and Jackeline Alba from Ladysmith.  A team of feminist researchers guided by the principle “no research about us, without us,” they help international organisations collect, analyse and take action on gender data.  Governments around the...

blog icon7 ways technology can help the social protection response to COVID-19

Our blogger, Richard Chirchir, is a Director and Senior Management Information System Specialist for Development Pathways. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages like a wild inferno at a global scale, humanity is neck-deep in responding with every resource, instrument, policy and strategy that is at its disposal. We have all witnessed...

News IconSocial Protection – Paving the Way Towards a Happier post-COVID-19 World? 

We have now passed the one-year anniversary of a global pandemic that has killed over 2,5 million people, and continues to devastate families, upend governments, crush economies, and tear through the social sector. While the newly released World Happiness report addresses well-being during COVID-19, it is important to take a reflective look at the state of global happiness pre-pandemic.

News IconITUC report reveals the economic benefits of social protection 

A new report released by the International Trade Union Confederation demonstrates that increased investment in social protection yields positive economic returns.