blog iconGood girls and good education: avoiding the “bad life” in Rwanda

“We have sex to stay in school, and we want to go to school so that we don’t have to have sex.” This year’s International Day of the Girl Theme is Innovating for Education. This theme appeals to me on a number of levels, but mainly because it is somewhat...

Publication IconThe Zomba conditional cash transfer experiment: An assessment of its methodology

In the 6th edition of our Pathways Perspectives publications, Stephen Kidd and Rebecca Calder examine the results of a study undertaken by the World Bank in an attempt to assess...

blog iconWhat is the impact of an inclusive pension? Evidence from Uganda

A new paper, presented at a workshop in Kampala, shows potentially very significant Rates of Return for Uganda’s Senior Citizens’ Grant. Depending on the specific assumptions, the SCG, which is an old age pension provided on a universal basis in selected districts, could pay for itself 1.4 times over within a...

Publication IconAdolescent Girls and Education: Challenges, Evidence and Gaps

Rebecca Calder and Karishma Huda discuss how education is seen as one of the main pathways out of poverty for adolescent girls, but it is often the very thing denied to them.

Publication IconMis-labelled Cash Transfers

Nicholas Freeland, a Senior Social Policy Specialist, criticises a report written about a two year pilot social protection scheme in Morocco and how an unconditional transfer became 'mislabelled'.