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blog iconThe curious case of women leaving the labour market in India

Anasuya Sengupta Recently, in the midst of participating in a launch event for an ODI/HelpAge International study on older women’s work, I thought back on the lives of the women in my family, from India. In the early 1940s – really, not that long ago – my grandmother was married off...

blog iconAll work and no pay: The invisibilisation of women’s labour in public works programmes

Anasuya Sengupta On International Women’s Day, I want to bring attention to a silent scandal on the use of women’s labour within public works programmes, which are increasingly referred to as productive safety net programmes in many low-income countries. These are, as many of you know, good old-fashioned workfare schemes...

Our Work IconGender analysis to inform Indonesia’s COVID-19 response

In collaboration with UNICEF Indonesia, we are conducting a comprehensive mixed-method gender study. The study will identify bottlenecks and barriers that reproduce gender inequalities.