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blog iconGraduation in Public Policy: Challenges and Trends

Despite considerable economic progress in Latin America, as of 2012 there were still 66 million people living in extreme poor (close to 30% of the population). This underscores the importance of finding innovative and scalable ways to help people out of extreme poverty.  Despite dramatic advances in technology and means...

Publication IconThe effectiveness of the Graduation Approach: What does the evidence tell us?

In a special edition of the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth’s Policy in Focus, the graduation approach to poverty reduction is explored by a number of contributors. The paper...

Publication IconThe effectiveness of the graduation approach: what does the evidence tell us?

Stephen Kidd and Diloá Athias critically assess what the evidence tells us about the effectiveness of the Graduation approach.

blog iconWhat a bunch of oxymorons in international social protection!

Nicholas Freeland Let me begin by clarifying that an oxymoron is not some kind of bovine nincompoop. An oxymoron defines a phrase that is inherently self-contradictory. The word itself is a good example, deriving as it does from two contradictory Greek words: ὀξύς (oxys), which means sharp or clever, and...