News IconPensions: progress towards extending social protection reach outlined by ILO

28th September: Tax-financed pensions are proliferating in developing countries, with universal pensions developed in 22, from Argentina to Zanzibar (Tanzania) and a further six achieving near-universality, according to a new...

News IconNew evidence on disability benefits will support UN push to include persons with disabilities

New evidence on the extent to which social protection schemes worldwide are disability-inclusive will support a UN push for disability benefits, according to the ILO. Stefan Trömel, a Senior Disability...

News IconILO urges countries to realise the right to social security to respond to the global COVID-19 crisis 

"Social protection systems are an indispensable part of a coordinated policy response to the unfolding crisis" highlights the Social Protection Spotlight brief released by the International Labour Organization. 

blog iconThe case for universal social protection is more self-evident than ever 

 Our blogger, Shahra Razavi, is the director of the Social Protection Department at the International Labour Organization (ILO). This blog was originally written for the Social Protection Department at the ILO, you can read the original blog here.    The idea that societies can be secure by relying on individualised market-based provision for those who can afford...

Our Work IconReviewing Vietnam social protection spending to protect and enhance benefits

Government spending on social protection in Vietnam, as in many places, is at risk. Beyond the continual need to justify current and proposed future expenditures, there is a more pressing...

blog iconThe vaccine against poverty, inequality and insecurity needs a stronger prescription

The COVID crisis is an opportunity to make the recognition of the role of social protection more permanent, and there is an almost unique opportunity to achieve this.

Publication IconAssessment of the Social Protection System in Georgia: Final report

Development Pathways has supported the ILO, and its partner UN Women, to complete a general assessment of the social protection system in Georgia. The assessment (carried out during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020) was undertaken from a lifecycle perspective and in reference to international experiences, as well as to social security standards and conventions.

Publication IconAssessing the potential for multi-tiered child benefits in Viet Nam – A policy brief

In this report, we examine the potential for a multi-tiered child benefit in Viet Nam.

Publication IconAssessing the potential for multi-tiered child benefits in Viet Nam

This report, commissioned by the International Labour Organization, examines the potential for a multi-tiered child benefit to help the Government meet these multiple objectives in Viet Nam.