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Publication IconScoping and Sector Review of Social Protection in Somaliland

This Scoping Study and Sector Review is a strategic analysis of the existing policy landscape in Somaliland in order to inform the development of a Social Protection system.

blog iconChildren on the frontline of the COVID and climate crisis: The urgent need to protect children from poverty with universal child benefits

By Yolande Wright We have many long-acknowledged duties to our children – to provide them with the best possible start in life and the hope for a bright future. In 2019, the World Bank estimated that nearly 60 per cent of children born today will be, at best, only half...

Our Work IconAnalysing the scope for social protection in Somaliland

In the absence of government-led social protection schemes, Save the Children is piloting a child-sensitive social protection (CSSP) programme in Somaliland. Anh Tran, from Development Pathways, is working with Save the Children to analyse the scope for social protection in Somaliland, building on the CSSP, and providing specific recommendations to lay the foundation for building inclusive social protection schemes in Somaliland, that leave no children behind.