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Publication IconAnalysis of Refugee Vulnerability in Uganda

The aim of this report was to review the current selection criteria for food assistance in Uganda by presenting an in-depth vulnerability study.

News IconUganda’s Social Protection Sector Review launched at National Event 

On 25 November 2020, the Government of Uganda launched the 2019 Social Protection Sector Review during a National Dialogue on Social Protection organised by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Protection...

Publication IconThe State of Older Persons in Uganda – Situational analysis report

The report, as part of the Expanding Social Protection (ESP) programme, highlights old-age poverty and the transformational potential of the Senior Citizens’ Grant.

Publication IconSituational Analysis of Persons with Disabilities in Uganda

This report provides an overview of the vulnerabilities and risks that persons with disabilities, and their caregivers, face across their lifecycle in Uganda.

Publication IconHarnessing their Potential – The State of Disability in Uganda: Summary Report

This summary report provides an overview of the key findings of the final Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development report. It examines the vulnerabilities and risks that persons with disabilities, and their caregivers, face across their lifecycle and includes an overview of the additional costs of living with a disability in Uganda, as captured by both quantitive and qualitative data. 

Publication IconSituational Analysis of Food, Nutrition and Income Security in Karamoja: “A normalising view of Karamoja”

This report offers a different approach to analysing the failed development in Karamoja – it takes a “normalising view” in order to illustrate that the long withstanding “exceptionalism” prism cast over the sub-region has been responsible for the reproduction of negative development indicators.

blog iconWho are the “poor and vulnerable”? A view from Karamoja, Uganda

Across the globe, governments, researchers and international agencies have striven to better understand poverty and vulnerability, and to provide technocratic solutions to measure income or multidimensional deprivations. Some of these solutions are aimed at guiding policies that will then, hopefully, address poverty in a particular context

Publication IconUganda’s National Single Registry: a foundation for a digital social protection system

This report about the National Single Registry explores Uganda’s journey to establish an integrated and digital information system for social protection.

Publication IconChild-sensitive social protection in Uganda

The report on child-sensitive social protection in Uganda presents an analysis of the social protection system from a child-sensitive lens, with a focus on Direct Income Support. It includes recommendations...