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Publication IconInvesting in the future: A universal benefit for Sri Lanka’s children

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how a universal child benefit can help children in Sri Lanka reach their full potential.

Publication IconEmergency Universal Child Benefits: Addressing the Social and Economic Consequences of the COVID-19 Crisis in South Asia

This paper, written in partnership with UNICEF’s Regional Office for South Asia, makes the case for South Asian countries to implement emergency Universal Child Benefits (UCB) during the COVID-19 crisis.

Publication IconUniversal Child Benefits: transforming the lives of children across South Asia

This paper from the UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia demonstrates how all countries in South Asia could invest in Universal Child Benefits (UCBs), in line with the right to social security for all children, in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

News IconUniversal child benefits to be recommended to G20

This week, Development Pathways successfully helped pitch universal child benefits at a G20 ‘idea bank’ session in Bhopal. Investing in universal child benefits has been included in the Bhopal Declaration’s recommendations to G20.

blog iconPutting children first: Universal benefits for children with disabilities in Kenya

In this final part on the 3-part blog series, Dennis Mugambi Njue explains why supporting children with disabilities by providing a monthly child disability benefit would be an easy win for the government, the economy, and Kenya’s future. Children with disabilities are one of the most disadvantaged groups in society...