blog iconCash transfers on the rise as an emergency response in the Pacific

Despite increasing evidence of their value, the use of cash transfers in emergencies is still limited. ODI’s Paul Harvey estimated in a recent article in the Guardian, as well as a guest piece on Duncan Green’s ‘From Poverty to Power’ blog, that only 6% of humanitarian aid is currently provided...

Our Work IconImproving food, nutrition and income security in Karamoja

Karamoja, a northeastern region in Uganda, has been perceived as ‘lagging behind’ and has been treated by external parties, both the Government and development partners, as an exception to the...

Our Work IconStrengthening Kenya’s Single Registry to improve co-ordination

The Single Registry is a policy tool that enables the Government of Kenya to link together the Management Information Systems (MISs) of five social assistance schemes. We used our extensive experience of MIS design to strengthen the system in a joint initiative by the World Food Programme and Kenya’s National Social Protection Secretariat.

Our Work IconPinpointing refugees’ vulnerability in Uganda and recommending food assistance improvements

Uganda has a long history of hosting refugees from neighbouring countries. Our assignment for WFP involved research to improve the evidence on refugee vulnerability.

Publication IconAssessment of the Geographical and Community-Based Targeting of WFP’s Cash and Food for Assets Programme in Kenya

This report provides an in-depth assessment of the targeting mechanisms used for the cash and food for assets programme by WFP and the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA).

Publication IconTransfer Values in Kenya’s National Social Security System

This report seeks to examine the current transfer values of Kenya’s tax-financed social security schemes and assess whether they are set at an appropriate level.

Publication IconChild Vulnerability and Social Protection in Kenya

This report highlights evidence that targeting social protection at orphans, 7.5% of Kenya’s children, with a Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children inadvertently leads to the exclusion of other children who are equally or even more vulnerable. It

Publication IconAnalysis of Refugee Vulnerability in Uganda

The aim of this report was to review the current selection criteria for food assistance in Uganda by presenting an in-depth vulnerability study.