We support governments and their development partners to monitor and evaluate their policies in order to accurately measure impacts and accountably track progress towards national and global goals. 


Our work includes evaluability assessments, theory of change development, impact evaluations, and designing and implementing monitoring frameworks. We provide both data collection and data analysis services, using mixed qualitative and quantitative approaches to produce appropriate, timely and tailored evaluations of social policies.

Monitoring Global Goals progress and disparities among children in South Africa

South Africa has undergone significant transformation since the end of apartheid in 1994. The country boasts one of the most progressive constitutions in the word and has put in place...

Expanding Social Protection Uganda

Expanding Social Protection in Uganda by implementing a pilot and making the case

We were contracted to carry out a long-term project to build a comprehensive national social protection system, playing an integral role in building political support for a more cohesive system.

Towards a Strong and Prosperous Indonesian Society

We have provided technical support in order to help the Government of Indonesia to improve the quality and effectiveness of programmes to reduce poverty.

Securing child-sensitive social protection in Fiji

Fiji is one of the largest and most developed Pacific island countries. Yet, despite its status as a middle-income country, a high proportion of children live in poor and income-insecure...

Sustainable Development Goals Baseline Report on Children

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals form a ground-breaking plan to end poverty, promote sustainable development, and ensure prosperity for all of the world’s citizens by 2030. The Government of...