Inclusive social protection training


Our training courses equip consultants, NGO staff and government officials with the context-specific tools to make the case for inclusive social protection. Using evidence and learning from real experiences around the world, our training covers complex topics, from financing to human rights.

Development Pathways is supporting GIZ to establish a consolidated social protection system under the MNSSP II

Building Malawi’s capacity to implement social protection at national and district levels

The Government of Malawi launched the Malawi National Social Support Programme 2018-2022 (MNSSP II) to implement the national vision to reduce poverty, promote resilient livelihoods and protect against shocks. To...

Kakamega cash transfer

Improving mother and child health, underpinned by a management information system

High infant and maternal mortality rates are experienced in Kakamega County in western Kenya. The County Government of Kakamega, supported by UNICEF Kenya and the Government of Sweden, have therefore set...

Training in social protection in Jinja, Uganda

Training to underpin the preparation of Uganda’s National Development Plans

There is a very strong rationale for Uganda to progressively increase its investment in social protection up to 2030 and beyond and that social protection should figure prominently in the...

Disability and homelessness in Addis Ababa

Reaching those in Addis Ababa who development must not leave behind

Ethiopia has been working to reduce poverty and foster social development, including through the Productive Safety Net Programme in rural areas. The Urban Productive Safety Net – one of the...

The political economy of the 'targeting' of social protection programmes

Training on the political economy of targeting social security programmes

The politics of social protection do not enjoy as much of the focus of donors and UN agencies as the economics. But an understanding of the distribution of power between...

Designing and delivering an innovative social transfers training course

Development Pathways successfully designed and delivered an innovative social transfers training course that used a range of learning methodologies. The course focused on practical design and implementation issues within Uganda’s...

Expanding Social Protection Uganda

Expanding Social Protection in Uganda by implementing a pilot and making the case

We were contracted to carry out a long-term project to build a comprehensive national social protection system, playing an integral role in building political support for a more cohesive system.

Hunger Safety Net Programme

Building capacity for an effective Hunger Safety Net Programme

The Hunger Safety Net Programme provides a safety net for pastoralists living in chronic poverty in the four Kenyan counties of Turkana, Marsabit, Mandera and Wajir. The programme provides regular,...

Providing a comprehensive picture of child poverty in Indonesia

We supported the Government of Indonesia and UNICEF with a comprehensive analysis of child poverty and well-being in the country.