Software development


Digital systems that store people’s information in one location make for more equitable resource distribution, better oversight of multiple schemes, links with other services and sectors and increased efficiency. 


We develop custom-built management information systems for social protection schemes. Our team understands the code as well as the context, so that we can take our clients through the whole journey – from design, all the way to user training and support.

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Supporting the roll-out of the harmonised e-payment solution for the Social Cash Transfer Programme in Malawi

The Government of Malawi is moving away from manually processing cash transfers and towards making electronic payments, in order to minimise travel and waiting times for recipients of social assistance entitlements. This work will help to make payments faster, safer and more citizen-friendly.

Development Pathways is supporting GIZ to establish a consolidated social protection system under the MNSSP II

Building Malawi’s capacity to implement social protection at national and district levels

The Government of Malawi launched the Malawi National Social Support Programme 2018-2022 (MNSSP II) to implement the national vision to reduce poverty, promote resilient livelihoods and protect against shocks. To...

A Chinese urban area

Informing the design and development of a new, integrated management information system for China’s cash transfers

Developing an integrated management information system is a vital component for building a comprehensive national social protection system. Without an integrated MIS in place, the opportunity to gain a comprehensive...

Making a pilot cash transfer possible in Angola by developing an MIS

A new pilot cash transfer for children in Angola required an MIS for a successful launch. As part of the design and implementation of pilot cash transfer for the Government...

Kakamega cash transfer

Improving mother and child health, underpinned by a management information system

High infant and maternal mortality rates are experienced in Kakamega County in western Kenya. The County Government of Kakamega, supported by UNICEF Kenya and the Government of Sweden, have therefore set...

Hunger Safety Net Programme

Building capacity for an effective Hunger Safety Net Programme

The Hunger Safety Net Programme provides a safety net for pastoralists living in chronic poverty in the four Kenyan counties of Turkana, Marsabit, Mandera and Wajir. The programme provides regular,...

Strengthening Kenya’s Single Registry to improve co-ordination

The Single Registry is a policy tool that enables the Government of Kenya to link together the Management Information Systems (MISs) of five social assistance schemes. We used our extensive experience of MIS design to strengthen the system in a joint initiative by the World Food Programme and Kenya’s National Social Protection Secretariat.

Uganda Single Registry

Upgrading a social assistance MIS and linking social protection programmes with a Single Registry

Uganda’s social protection sector is characterised by a large number of fragmented and uncoordinated interventions with a wide variety of different management information systems (MISs). There was a need to...

Strengthening Rwandan Social Protection

Strengthening Rwanda’s social protection system

To strengthen Rwanda's social protection system, we supported the development of a National Social Protection Policy and Strategy.