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New article features in German journal


Development Pathways Social Policy Specialist, Daisy Sibun, has written an article now featuring in the German journal, Welternaerhung. The article offers insights from a recent paper produced in collaboration with Act Church of Sweden and Action Against Hunger.

The focus of the article is on the World Bank’s approach to social protection. It critiques the Bank’s continued and consistent use of poverty targeting methods to identify transfer recipients, despite vocalising its high-level support for universal social protection.

It is important to examine the rationale behind the World Bank’s approach and consider alternative strategies that may provide more effective and equitable outcomes. Sibun’s article sheds light on this and contributes to ongoing discussions about how to best address poverty and inequality through social policy.

The article, available in German, is derived from the first of a series of papers ‘Can a leopard change its spots? A critical analysis of the Word Bank’s ‘progressive universalism’ approach to social protection.’ The second paper in the series Advocating for universal social security: how to win hearts and minds is also out now.