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Disability benefits database updated for 2023


Open to all, the Development Pathways Disability Benefits Database now contains the latest information on countries’ benefits schemes around the world. This unique resource provides a global overview of social protection schemes for persons with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries.

With over 40 countries catalogued, users can visually compare countries’ schemes to regional averages. Key information outlining the nature of the schemes is also included in the dashboard, such as selection criteria, number of recipients and value of transfer, as well as % GDP spent on the scheme.

“At Pathways, we strongly believe that people shouldn’t lose out financially because they have a disability,” said senior economist, Diloá Athias, on completing the latest update, “persons with disabilities face additional costs of living, which can affect their quality of life. Therefore, ensuring access to social security is critical to create a level playing field.”

The data is available in a dashboard, which allows users to visually compare a country’s schemes across regional averages. The complete dataset is also free to download in Excel.