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“Global challenge” of ageing to be addressed by UK’s International Development Secretary


Penny Mordaunt International Development

15th November: How we rise to “the global challenge” of ageing populations is set to be addressed by the UK’s International Development Secretary.

Penny Mordaunt is scheduled to speak to the Future of Ageing Conference held by the think-tank the International Longevity Centre on 29th November. The conference assembles experts from the fields of health, housing, finance and business to identify the challenges and opportunities posed by an ageing society, including to discuss “the future of poverty”.

The event comes as Uganda’s Expanding Social Protection programme and Ministry of Labour, Gender and Social Development prepare to publish the final report of research we contributed to on the challenges and opportunities offered by a growth in older persons in Uganda.

While two-thirds of older persons in Uganda are economically active, still the vast majority live in poverty and two-fifths live in extreme poverty, on less than UGX2,700 per day. Mordaunt’s department is a donor to the programme to introduce Uganda’s inclusive Senior Citizens Grant, which we identified if extended nationwide to every person aged 65 and older would reduce old age poverty by 20%.


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