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Human rights concerns with social protection payments highlighted during Financial Inclusion Week


During Financial Inclusion week, Payments Specialists Sarah Langhan and Sarina Kidd argue that it is time for a new paradigm when it comes to delivering social protection payments, one that puts recipients at the very centre. Payment Service Providers that perpetuate human rights infractions can, and must be held to account, in order to further financial inclusion for equity.

The Center for Financial Inclusion celebrates Financial Inclusion Week 2019 to stimulate global discussion on the essential purpose of Financial Inclusion and what must be done to achieve its goals. Under the theme of Financial Inclusion for Equity, Sarah and Sarina’s blog offers critical reflections on human rights and their application to payment processes. Based on their experience of working with various governments and organisations to create an international standard for social protection payment services, Sarah and Sarina provide real examples of how social programmes can actually harm the very recipients that they intend to help.

Want to learn more? Then head over to the blog here.


  • This blog is very insightful. An international standard on SPP is long overdue. Im interested to see how this effort will unfold

  • What if it only makes businness sense to profiteer from the poor…?The broader question should be:What is the role of government in regulating social protection poverty interventions/Fintechs?


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