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ISSPF Conference pushes for inclusive social security in the MENA region


The Inclusive Social Security Policy Forum (ISSPF) Regional Conference in Amman, Jordan, marked a pivotal moment with two days of interactive discussions from September 19th-20th, emphasising the need for a policy revolution in the MENA region. The conference brought together experts from academia, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), activists, and researchers to collaborate on a unified agenda for inclusive social security.

The discussions focused on challenging the dominant poor relief model, advocating for a rights-based approach, and addressing challenges posed by International Financial Institutions (IFIs). Panellists stressed the urgency of shifting away from failed poverty-targeting programs and adopting a rights-based framework for national social security systems. The dialogue delved into the political economy, emphasising the importance of understanding each country’s context for inclusive social security.

The conference initiated a crucial dialogue among CSOs, foreseeing increased smart networking, advocacy for human rights-based approaches, and a continued focus on data as a vital tool for addressing persistent challenges. For more detailed insights, read the ISSPF report on the conference discussions.