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New Podcast: “Investing in Child benefits in a COVID-19 World”


This week, the Pathways’ Perspectives podcast team released their second episode: “Investing in Child Benefits in a COVID-19 World”.  

The latest episode of Pathways’ Perspectives: The Podcast features Yolande Wright, Director of Poverty Reduction, Climate Resilience, Gender Equality and Inclusion at Save the Children, and Nicholas Freeland, a Social Policy Specialist and Development Pathways Associate. Their lively discussion looks at the importance of investing in child benefits during and after COVID-19. The two experts explore how governments can begin to build these systems and provide specific examples from various countries that have developed their child benefits programmes.   

The COVID-19 pandemic, along with the growing climate crisis, demonstrates that we are all vulnerable to shocks throughout our lifetime. Thus, rather than focusing on short term, humanitarian relief, we need sustainable solutions that provide supportInvesting in children can be part of a larger recovery solution to build resilience in communities and to equip the next generation to face the lasting impacts of COVID-19.   

You can find the newest instalment of the podcast on Soundcloud, where you can also listen to the previous episode: “Dignity and Stigma in Social Protection. Each episode is an expert on expert discussion – a conversation between practitioners about the nuances of social protection from both theoretical perspectives to more practical and personal experiences.  

Listen to the podcast here

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