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Shamil: Moving Forward with a Shared Agenda for Social Protection


Amman, Jordan – March 6, 2024: Today marks an important moment in Jordan’s social policy landscape as we launch Shamil, a project aimed at bolstering the nation’s social protection system. It is a core component of the United Kingdom’s £95 million, five-year‑ programme Strengthening Societal and Economic Resilience in Jordan (SSERJ).

The launch event, hosted at the Grand Hyatt, Amman, gathers an array of stakeholders, including government officials, development partners, civil society organisations, private sector leaders, academics, and media representatives. The event was inaugurated with a keynote speech by HRH Prince Al Hassan bin Talal.

Shamil arises from a collective recognition of the multidimensional challenges of poverty and inequality in Jordan. Unlike conventional poverty-targeting approaches, Shamil elevates social protection policies to the forefront, aligning them with international standards such as the ILO Resolution 202 on Social Protection Floors. It stems from ongoing dialogues, including discussions at the inaugural Jordan National Forum for Social Protection in March 2022, emphasising the urgency for a resilient social protection framework in the country.

Shamil is being implemented by Development Pathways, in partnership with Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) and MMIS Management Consultants.

Stay tuned for updates on the launch on our Twitter page and read more about its transformative potential on Jordan’s social protection landscape.