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Uzbekistan digitalises its social protection system to remove barriers to access


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Last week, the social protection single registry was handed over to the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan. The single registry is a unified database that reduces barriers to access to the social protection system by making the application, assessment for eligibility and delivery of benefits more straight-forward.

Development Pathways was commissioned by the government – with technical support and funding from UNICEF – to design and develop the system, and support the setup of necessary local capacity. Our team assisted the handover, so that the single registry can be used by the ministry to support the effective administration of social protection programmes from applications, verification and registration, to payments and monitoring. The system also provides users with a comprehensive picture of the national profile of beneficiaries as well as the performance of the national social protection system overall.

Jamshid Abruev, Deputy Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan said: “In order to reduce poverty and increase the effectiveness of social support measures for needy families, a single criterion for identifying the poor was introduced, and a methodology for determining the cost of minimum consumption expenditures was approved.

“The criteria for determining the family’s low-income status have been simplified for several categories of citizens and families. As a result, the system of automatic assignment of social benefits through the single registry has been fully established.”

The handover is a significant milestone because, now that the system is fully established in the Ministry of Finance ICT Centre, staff members are ready to maintain and fully operate the single registry. Ministries and agencies exchange fifty databases with the single registry in real-time to ensure more comprehensive, effective, and efficient provision of support to children and their families, persons with disabilities, adults seeking social support, or employment support services.

Over the past three years, the system has provided social allowances to more than 1.6 million families with children to overcome the challenges low-income families face, especially during the pandemic.

See also the full press release from UNICEF.

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