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Webinar announcement – Towards universality: social policy and social protection beyond charity in the SWANA region


On Thursday 17 September 2020, Dr Stephen Kidd, (Development Pathways) and Ghada Barsoum, (American University of Cairo) will speak in webinar hosted by Lebanon Support, Towards universality: social policy and social protection beyond charity in the SWANA region”.

The COVID-19 outbreak has raised important questions looking at the impact the crisis has had on healthcare systems, along with its restrictions on travel and movement. In particular, it has highlighted the necessity of inclusive social protection schemes.

This webinar posits the necessity to rethink social policy in the South West Asian/ North African (SWANA) region, and more specifically social protection, based on the principle of universalism (versus the notion of targeting). It will discuss to which extent the adequate and rights-based institutionalisation of social protection can be perceived as the pillar of a social contract between the state and its citizens, and will reflect on the efficiency of a citizenship paradigm versus a charity and targeting based one.  


  • Stephen Kidd, Senior Social Protection Specialist, Development Pathways 
  • Ghada Barsoum, Associate Professor and currently chair of the Department of Public Policy and Administration, American University of Cairo 

Details: 1September, 2020 – 1100am Eastern European Summer Time / 09.00 am BST 

Register to attend, and submit your questions to the panellists before 14 September 2020 by filling in this form.

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