To provide creative, evidence-based and context-specific solutions to the social and economic challenges faced by nations and citizens around the world.


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We provide evidence-based policy and strategic advice on social and economic challenges to Governments, international organisations, and other development partners. We support social development and work on ageing, child rights, gender, disability and in humanitarian contexts.


We develop evidence on poverty, vulnerability and on humanitarian issues, and solutions to address them. Our analyses are always grounded in data and innovative methodologies. They inform policy dialogue and help shape social and economic programmes.


In designing cash transfer programmes, we generate practical and feasible solutions and take a rights-based approach. We have global experience in the technical and operational design of cash transfers, building blocks towards inclusive life-cycle social protection.


We install, manage and maintain management information system databases. Our MISs put people first, giving full information on entitlements. And they’re built to last, provided with source code and strengthened client capability.


We support nations to measure intervention impacts and track progress towards the global goals. Our work spans evaluability assessments, theories of change, monitoring frameworks, data collection and survey analysis, and mixed methods to evaluate programmes.


Our comparative advantage in training officials and practitioners stems from combining extensive practical experience with up-to date evidence. As part of global social protection discussions, we provide fresh perspectives and broader options.

Informing the design and development of a new, integrated management information system for China’s cash transfers

Developing an integrated management information system is a vital component for building a comprehensive national social protection system. Without an integrated MIS in place, the opportunity to gain a comprehensive...

Uncovering the case for an inclusive child benefit to allow Uzbekistan to flourish

Uzbekistan is a youthful country, with a third of the population aged 17 or less. The large proportion of the population entering the labour market has the potential to provide...

Improving global monitoring of the achievement of the SDGs for persons with disabilities

There are considerable monitoring efforts to determine overall worldwide progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development goals. But there remains a significant evidence gap regarding the progress of persons...

Kakamega cash transfer

Improving mother and child health, underpinned by a management information system

High infant and maternal mortality rates are experienced in Kakamega County in western Kenya. The County Government of Kakamega, supported by UNICEF Kenya, have therefore set out to reduce the number...

Spearheading Cash Transfer Design and Implementation Worldwide

Development Pathways’ experts have experience in both the high-level design of cash transfer programmes and the operational design and technical parameters for programme implementation. When designing social protection programmes —...

Bringing the voice of older persons centre-stage: situational analysis of older persons in Uganda

The world’s population is ageing, and Uganda is no exception. A lack of infrastructure, however, has meant that many of the country’s older citizens have been unable to grow older...

Training in social protection in Jinja, Uganda

Training to underpin the preparation of Uganda’s National Development Plans

There is a very strong rationale for Uganda to progressively increase its investment in social protection up to 2030 and beyond and that social protection should figure prominently in the...

Disability and homelessness in Addis Ababa

Reaching those in Addis Ababa who development must not leave behind

Ethiopia has been working to reduce poverty and foster social development, including through the Productive Safety Net Programme in rural areas. The Urban Productive Safety Net – one of the...

Designing and implementing Angola’s first cash transfer for children

In Angola young people and children represent a majority of the population. The United Nations Children’s Fund estimates that nearly four in ten under-fives suffer from stunting, hindering their cognitive...