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To provide creative, evidence-based and context-specific solutions to the social and economic challenges faced by nations and citizens around the world.


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We provide evidence-based policy and strategic advice on social and economic challenges to Governments, international organisations, and other development partners. We support social development and work on ageing, child rights, gender, disability and in humanitarian contexts.


We develop evidence on poverty, vulnerability and on humanitarian issues, and solutions to address them. Our analyses are always grounded in data and innovative methodologies. They inform policy dialogue and help shape social and economic programmes.


In designing cash transfer programmes, we generate practical and feasible solutions and take a rights-based approach. We have global experience in the technical and operational design of cash transfers, building blocks towards inclusive life-cycle social protection.


We install, manage and maintain management information system databases. Our MISs put people first, giving full information on entitlements. And they’re built to last, provided with source code and strengthened client capability.


We support nations to measure intervention impacts and track progress towards the global goals. Our work spans evaluability assessments, theories of change, monitoring frameworks, data collection and survey analysis, and mixed methods to evaluate programmes.


Our comparative advantage in training officials and practitioners stems from combining extensive practical experience with up-to date evidence. As part of global social protection discussions, we provide fresh perspectives and broader options.

Evaluation for Single Parent and Foster Care Social Protection Schemes in the Maldives

Development Pathways has supported UNICEF Maldives and its partner the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) to generate evidence on the Maldives’ two primary social protection programmes for children – the single parent allowance and the foster parent allowance.

Economic responses to COVID-19 and child sensitive social protection in Bangladesh  

Development Pathways is supporting UNICEF in Bangladesh in assessing the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and their families. The goal of the project will be to aid future planning that adequately addresses local needs by feeding into timely policy and decision-making, evidence and data-driven analysis.

Strengthening the social contract through child-sensitive social protection: building a case for a Universal Child Benefit in South Asia 

Development Pathways is supporting the UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia in generating costing, impact and fiscal space analysis for Universal Child Benefits (UCBs) in South Asian countries.

Evaluating the economic fallout of COVID-19 and applicability of child-sensitive social protection mechanisms in Sri Lanka

Over the course of April to May, Development Pathways has been working closely with UNICEF to analyse the economic fallout of the coronavirus in child-sensitive social protection in Sri Lanka.

Looking into the impacts of the Inua Jamii Senior Citizens’ Programme in Kenya

With the aim of contributing to the existing body of evidence on the impacts of social pension schemes, a research team from Development Pathways comprising Anh Tran, Sarina Kidd and Madeleine Cretney are conducting a multi-year qualitative research study in the community of Lolkeringet, in Nandi County, Kenya.

Design & implementation of basic social security programme operation manuals and guides in Mozambique

Since 2010, Mozambique’s growth in real GDP has averaged over 7.4%. However, this economic growth has had a marginal effect on poverty reduction. The Human Development Index (HDI) 2016 ranked...

Vietnam social protection

Reviewing Vietnam social protection spending to protect and enhance benefits

Government spending on social protection in Vietnam, as in many places, is at risk. Beyond the continual need to justify current and proposed future expenditures, there is a more pressing...

Development Pathways is supporting GIZ to establish a consolidated social protection system under the MNSSP II

Building Malawi’s capacity to implement social protection at national and district levels

The Government of Malawi, with the support of development partners, is making advances in coordinating social protection schemes to establish a consolidated national social protection system. A national policy has...

The Situational Analysis aims to identify issues to be tackled to improve child and adolescent wellbeing

Uncovering adolescent challenges to address: A Situational Analysis of Children in Mongolia

Adolescence is a crucial developmental period in the life of a person, which marks the transition from childhood towards adulthood. Investing in adolescents is therefore vital to creating a healthy...