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We provide evidence-based policy and strategic advice on social and economic challenges to Governments, international organisations, and other development partners. We support social development and work on ageing, child rights, gender, disability and in humanitarian contexts.


We develop custom-built management information systems for social protection schemes. Our team understands the code as well as the context, so that we can take our clients through the whole journey – from design, all the way to user training and support.


We develop evidence on poverty, vulnerability and on humanitarian issues, and solutions to address them. Our analyses are always grounded in data and innovative methodologies. They inform policy dialogue and help shape social and economic programmes.


In designing cash transfer programmes, we generate practical and feasible solutions and take a rights-based approach. We have global experience in the technical and operational design of cash transfers, building blocks towards inclusive life-cycle social protection.


Convincing policymakers and development partners to invest in inclusive, lifecycle social protection can be challenging.


We support governments and their development partners to monitor and evaluate their policies in order to accurately measure impacts and accountably track progress towards national and global goals.

Palestine landscape

Conducting a situation analysis of children and adolescents for the State of Palestine

Development Pathways is supporting UNICEF by conducting a situation analysis of children and adolescents in the State of Palestine.

Empowering children with disabilities and families through social protection and care in East Asia and the Pacific

We are supporting UNICEF and partners to engage in meaningful dialogue on social protection support reform for children with disabilities and families in East Asia and the Pacific.

Two women laughing

Gender analysis to inform Indonesia’s COVID-19 response

In collaboration with UNICEF Indonesia, we are conducting a comprehensive mixed-method gender study. The study will identify bottlenecks and barriers that reproduce gender inequalities.

Man cycling on plain below mountain

Supporting the roll-out of the harmonised e-payment solution for the Social Cash Transfer Programme in Malawi

The Government of Malawi is moving away from manually processing cash transfers and towards making electronic payments, in order to minimise travel and waiting times for recipients of social assistance entitlements. This work will help to make payments faster, safer and more citizen-friendly.

Shifting the paradigm: building inclusive, lifecycle social security systems in the MENA region 

Development Pathways, with support from a Ford Foundation grant, is undertaking an 18-month project to build the evidence on social security across the MENA region and strengthen capacity across civil society to make the case for inclusive social security systems that offer income security to everyone, across the lifecycle.

Analysing the scope for social protection in Somaliland

In the absence of government-led social protection schemes, Save the Children is piloting a child-sensitive social protection (CSSP) programme in Somaliland. Anh Tran, from Development Pathways, is working with Save the Children to analyse the scope for social protection in Somaliland, building on the CSSP, and providing specific recommendations to lay the foundation for building inclusive social protection schemes in Somaliland, that leave no children behind.

South Sudan, Gender Situational Analysis to inform safety nets and resilience programming

In partnership with Forcier Consulting, Development Pathways has recently supported the World Food Programme (WFP) South Sudan Country Office in their first major gender research project, leading to lessons learned and recommendations for gender-responsive programming strategy.

Addressing the economic crisis of COVID-19 in Asia through social protection

UNDP Asia-Pacific and Development Pathways worked to prepare an analytical background paper on fiscal mechanisms to promote inter-generational equity. However, midway through the project, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With all Asian economies having been hit hard by the crisis and economic growth falling significantly, Development Pathways conducted additional research and analysis to develop a publication.

Evaluation for Single Parent and Foster Care Social Protection Schemes in the Maldives

Development Pathways has supported UNICEF Maldives and its partner the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) to generate evidence on the Maldives’ two primary social protection programmes for children – the single parent allowance and the foster parent allowance.