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Developing capacity to convince policymakers to invest in inclusive social protection

Inclusive Social Protection: Making the Case

Convincing policymakers to invest in inclusive social protection can be challenging. They may not appreciate the value of social protection, may believe it is unaffordable, or may have been convinced by many of the negative myths surrounding it. As a consequence, too many people worldwide are still unable to access social protection.

In response, Development Pathways has developed a social protection training course aimed at giving participants an in-depth understanding of how to effectively make the case for increased investment in inclusive social protection within their countries and organisations.

The Inclusive Social Protection: Making the Case course takes place over five days, comprising a mix of three days of core modules alongside two days of electives, and covers a range of topics, including: the underpinnings of debates on social protection, including targeting and the use of conditions; the political economy of social protection and how to argue for inclusive schemes in different political contexts; and how to use social and economic analysis to build the case for inclusive social protection, and the evidence and arguments behind the fiscal sustainability.

The social protection training course will culminate in an interactive exercise in which participants will learn how to use an innovative on-line costings and simulation tool to build the case for inclusive social protection. It is open to participants from around the world and will be held rom 4th to 8th November 2019 at Enashipai Resort & Spa in Kenya, close to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

It will be delivered by social protection experts Alexandra Barrantes, Anna McCord, Stephen Kidd, Matthew Greenslade, Ian Orton, Shea McClanahan, Bjorn Gelders and Richard Chirchir. For more details on the training, trainers and the registration process, there is a dedicated training website.

For enquiries, contact the training course team, and to book, click here.


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