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Looking into the impacts of the Inua Jamii Senior Citizens’ Programme in Kenya

The Inua Jamii Senior Citizens’ Programme is a tax-financed benefit-tested social pension that is provided to Kenyans when they reach 70 years of age. By ensuring a universal income guarantee to all of Kenya citizens in old age, the programme represents Kenya’s largest tax-financed social security programme and its first entitlement scheme.

With the aim of contributing to the existing body of evidence on the impacts of social pension schemes, a research team from Development Pathways comprising Anh Tran, Sarina Kidd and Madeleine Cretney are conducting a multi-year qualitative research study in the community of Lolkeringet, in Nandi County, Kenya. The project runs into its third year in 2020, accompanied by a third research mission, aiming to document how the pension has affected the Lolkeringet community. Through a cultural immersion approach, the researchers analysed how the pension impacted on the lives of older persons, their families, and their community, and focused especially on older persons’ subjective notions of wellbeing, self-worth and autonomy.

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