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Securing smooth operations across social protection programmes

Inua Jamii 70+ social pension Kenya

A need was identified to harmonise and consolidate the operations of social protection programmes in Kenya as part of the implementation of a new National Social Protection Policy.

The Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Older Persons Cash Transfer and Persons with Severe Disability programmes were implemented by two separate state departments within the then Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection. A Social Assistance Unit was established within the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection in order to consolidate them into one Consolidated Cash Transfer Programme (CCTP).

To computerise this programme’s operations, Development Pathways was contracted by the World Food Programme (WFP) in December 2016 to design and develop a CCTP Management Information System for the Social Assistance Unit. The aim of the assignment was to ensure that existing databases and systems are consolidated into one integrated system for efficient and effective programme operations.

The remit of the assignment entails system design, system development, system installation, system training and system maintenance and support. We developed and deployed priority enrolment and payments modules, including to support the enrolment of the Inua Jamii 70+ social pension component of the expanded OPCT, and an Application Programme Interface (API). The API allows the direct and real-time upload of beneficiary enrolment details such as bank account numbers, card numbers and biometrics – so district social development officers and payment service providers can identify each citizen’s payment status to allow payments to be made (see picture).

To complete the project, targeting, monitoring and reporting modules are in the process of being developed. This will be followed by data migration from existing legacy MISs.