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Conducting a situation analysis of children and adolescents for the State of Palestine

Palestine landscape

Development Pathways is supporting UNICEF by conducting a situation analysis of children and adolescents in the State of Palestine. The main purpose of this work is to assess and analyse children’s and women’s rights, and critical issues affecting their wellbeing.

The analysis will provide evidence that will help shape national development strategies and engage stakeholders in evidence-based policy dialogue, to ensure socially inclusive development and the fulfilment of rights of all children and adolescents, without leaving anyone behind.

The situation analysis will highlight inequities and inequalities between groups of children and adolescents on the basis of socio-economic and intersectional vulnerabilities such as age, gender, disability, urban/rural, geographic location and other dimensions. Moreover, the analysis will include an outline of political, macro-economic and poverty dynamics in the country, and in the region. It will also identify barriers, bottlenecks and capacity gaps, and provide contextualised and actionable recommendations for the fulfilment of child rights and Sustainable Development Goals relevant for younger populations in Palestine.